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About our KVM VPS

Choose from our lightning fast SSD based KVM plans below. All servers utilise RAID protected SSD storage, Dual E5 Hex Core processors and have fully regisetered ECC server grade RAM as standard. Combine this with our premium network setup, 10GBPS port connectivity and we think our VPS offerings will be tough to beat!

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  • All VPS include 1 IP Address! More available at a small cost
Plan CPU Cores Memory Hard Disk Space Bandwidth Price
KVM-Basic-1GB 2 Cores 1GB Dedicated 30GB SSD 2TB $5.95 Configure
KVM-Advanced-2GB 2 Cores 2GB Dedicated 60GB SSD 4TB $10.95 Configure
KVM-Pro-4GB 4 Cores 4GB Dedicated 80GB SSD 6TB $15.95 Configure
KVM-Enterprise-8GB 4 Cores 8GB Dedicated 100GB SSD 8TB $25.95 Configure
  • Windows VPS
  • Choice of Server 2012 R2 or Server 2016
Plan CPU Cores Memory Hard Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Windows-Basic-2GB 2 Cores 2GB Dedicated 40GB SSD 2TB $10.95 Configure
Windows-Advanced-4GB 2 Cores 4GB Dedicated 80GB SSD 4TB $19.95 Configure
Windows-Pro-8GB 4 Cores 8GB Dedicated 100GB SSD 6TB $29.95 Configure
Windows-Enterprise-16GB 8 Cores 16GB Dedicated 200GB SSD 8TB $49.95 Configure

What our servers include

See just a few features below for what our enterprise servers include


Server Grade Hardware

All VPS Nodes are deployed using Dell/Supermicro enterprise grade hardware to guarantee reliability of your solution


RAID Protected Storage

All VPS are hosted on RAID protected storage to ensure redundancy.


IP Addresses

All virtual servers include 1 IP Addresses as standard. More can be requested at a small fee and will require justification as per ARIN requirements.


Control Panel

All virtual servers come with access to Virtualizor, the VPS control panel. This is also intergrated into our client area.

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